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Stickers printing

Monomeric stickers, polymer stickers, electrostatic stickers, adhesive stickers, or maybe floor stickers? The choice is really wide. We know how to choose the right foil for its destination. And we do not stand still, we are constantly looking for non-standard films and news in the industry.

We can print any volume, from a few to several thousand pieces, cut out any shape, leave the stickers on the sheets for easy removal or cut into individual pieces. In case of larger formats, we divide the printouts into panels with overlaps to facilitate gluing on large surfaces. Additionally, the stickers can be secured with a protective laminate to increase their durability. See our offer, and if you have not found a solution – contact us – we will be happy to take on a challenge.

Universal stickers

Stickers made of monomer foil are the most economical solution. The foil comes in several variants: white or transparent, with strong or removable glue and with gray glue. Thanks to the latter, the substrate on which we apply the sticker will not show through. Universal stickers made of monomer foil are intended for short-term implementation, but we can additionally secure them with a protective laminate, extending their durability.

What do we most often print on monomer foil? Advertising stickers, sticker arts, company stickers, information posters, logotypes, graphics for shop and office windows.

Outdoor stickers

We use a polymer film with a special protective laminate to make outdoor stickers. Polymer foil is suitable wherever advertising or graphics are to hang longer, even up to several years. Polymer stickers are more resistant to weather conditions and more resistant to bleaching than stickers made of monomer film. The polymer foil is available in white or transparent versions, with a channel glue option, which facilitates the application.

Polymer stickers will be great as an outdoor advertisement. Polymer foil can also be used on cars without damaging the car body.

Electrostatic stickers

Stickers that adhere to almost any surface, but have no glue – these are electrostatic stickers. They are made of an electrostatic foil, which is electrically charged and with the help of these charges the electrostatic stickers stay on different surfaces. You can use them on walls, concrete, glass, wood, paper and most importantly – since having no glue – they won’t leave any marks, when being removed. In addition, they are very easy to apply and take off. The electrostatic foil is available in white or transparent versions. In addition to stickers with individual print, our offer also includes electrostatic notepads.

Electrostatic stickers are great as a temporary indoor advertising. It is good to know that the electrostatic foil allows also for making larger prints, e.g. graphics on the walls of exhibition stands, and the larger the electrostatic sticker, the stronger it holds.

Adhesive stickers

Printed on an adhesive film that has no glue and sticks to smooth, shiny surfaces thanks to the phenomenon of adhesion. Adhesive stickers affix well to glass elements, plexiglass, windows or glossy tops. These stickers can be easily removed without leaving any marks. The adhesive foil is available in white and transparent versions.

Adhesive stickers are perfect as advertising or information posters placed in shop windows, in restaurants, cafes, gas stations, conference rooms, in glass “open space” offices or in shopping malls.

Floor stickers

Floor stickers are great as advertising or information elements. Thanks to the use of laminate flooring, they have anti-slip properties (anti-slip certification at min. R9) and are characterized by high durability and resistance to mechanical effects. It is worth remembering that before applying the floor stickers, you need to clean the surface to which they will be glued.

Floor stickers are most often used as an advertisement in shopping malls, shops, but also for information purposes in office buildings, museums or public offices.

Easy dot stickers

We print them on foil with dotted glue, also called easy dot. As the name suggests, the glue on this foil is in the form of small dots, thanks to which the application of stickers is extremely easy and prevents the formation of unattractive bubbles under the foil. This is especially useful for larger sticker formats. The foil with dotted glue is available in a white or transparent version, with a matte or glossy finish.

What implementation should the easy dot foil be used for? It would be perfect for making prints for fair or event walls, shop or office windows, plus wherever fast assembly time is essential.

Removable stickers

Stickers that do not leave marks and can be easily removed are printed primarily on two foils: foil with silicone glue (dedicated to smooth surfaces, also outdoors) and Wallcatch foil (it can be applied to any surface indoors). The stickers can be glued many times and each time they will perfectly adhere to the surface.

We use foil with silicone glue or Wallcatch foil to make advertising and information stickers, posters that are to serve for a while and then disappear without a trace.

One Way Vision foil

OWV foil is a window foil, and its most characteristic feature are evenly distributed holes in its structure. What does this solution give you? If we stick it to the glass in our office, the graphics will be visible only from the outside, while standing inside the room you will see everything that is happening outside, despite the foil. This is an advantage of a perforated foil structure.

OWV foil is most often used on shop windows, offices, shopping malls, buses or trams.

Frosted stickers

Frosted foil stickers are used on glass panes and are primarily decorative. After sticking, they give an effect of frosted or sandblasted glass. Frosted foil stickers can be cut out to any shape and prepared for easy sticking to the glass with a transfer foil. Additionally, we offer an option of printing the frosted foil, also in white.

Where are frosted stickers used most often? On panes, glass doors, as decorative elements, but also elements of corporate identity, used inside and outside.

Plotter stickers

For their production, we use self-adhesive colored foils, dyed in the mass. They come in many ready-made colors, in various finishing options, also in a metallized or reflective version. They are perfect for graphics cut to shape, which after cutting from plotter foil, can be additionally prepared for easy sticking with the use of transfer foil.

You will use plotter foils to make advertisements and markings inside and outside, such as logotypes, inscriptions, information elements or decorations.

Car stickers

We use poured foil to make car stickers or to apply them on whole cars. Thanks to its properties, it fits perfectly into the unevenness of the substrate on which it is glued and, importantly, does not return to its original shape, like other self-adhesive films. It is extremely durable, as it can last several years. In addition, we secure it with a specially dedicated poured laminate.

We use poured films mainly for pasting cars or making stickers on uneven surfaces.

Asphalt stickers

We print asphalt stickers on a special Asphalt Art foil with an aluminum layer. Asphalt foil can be laid directly on paving stones, concrete, asphalt and other difficult surfaces. Asphalt Art foil has the R11 adhesion certificate. It does not require additional lamination, as the print is durable and resistant to weather conditions.

What to use asphalt foil for? It will be perfect as outdoor advertising, road markings, and also as a sticker attached to the bottom of a pool, filled with water. If you wish to know more, click here to see our report from underwater pasting.


We print magnets on special magnetic sheets of various thickness, from 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm. We can cut out any shape or additionally put a dry-erase laminate on the magnet, thus creating a writing medium. Magnets can be used indoors and outdoors.

What do we most often make of magnetic foundations? Information boards, advertising gadgets, car magnets, price lists and magnetic boards with dry-wipe laminate.

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