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Experts at finding the right solutions.

You have an idea? We will do the rest.

Hello! This is Drukpoznan!

It’s great to have you here! If you found us, it means that you are looking for solutions in the field of printing. As it happens, we have a lot of experience and will be happy to share it with you! We can really do a lot for you, from printing on flat materials, through stickers – even without a glue –  to an alluring exhibition stands and display systems. It’s time for you to get to know us better!

This is what counts for us.


It is everything. The foundation of our cooperation with you and work in our team. Without trust, there would not be thousands of successful implementations and ideas for another thousand.


Extremely important. We have been operating in the printing industry for 18 years and we really have the know-how! We share our experience with you so that each project is perfectly implemented.

Team spirit.

In team is our strength. Each of us is different – we have different interests and skills but working as a team, we complement each other, exchange experience and give you even more.


We are constantly looking for new solutions, new materials and new technologies. We check and test, and we approach each topic creatively.

Our top products.

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What’s new?

You will be ECO with us!

We focus on recycling materials, in them we see solutions for the coming years. And we know what to replace PVC or Dibond with, inside the building. DISPA is a 100% recyclable material that you can put in a waste paper container. You can make boards, markings and even stands out of it. More information about DISPA can be found in our offer under Printing on boards. If you wish to test DISPA – send us a message. We will send you a free sample and you will see for yourself that it is really worth being ECO!

Our implementations

  • Underwater pasting

    Is it possible to attach a sticker to the bottom of a pool, filled with water? Not real? Actually, we made it! Check here how did this unusual implementation go.

  • Marketing Festival 2020

    Despite the difficult times, the latest edition of Marketing Festival was held in Warsaw. It was our last trade show. We are waiting for another opportunity to present our offer to a wider audience.

Customers’ feedback

  • We have been cooperating with Drukpoznan.pl since many years. What we appreciate is a continuous, high quality of delivered orders and a respect for the agreed deadlines. Drukpoznan means for us a guarantee of well-done job and therefore our joint activities are constantly developing.

  • We have been cooperating with DrukPoznan for many years and what distinguishes them from their competitors is a professional and friendly customer service. They do not shy away from even the most creative idea and they always provide professional advice. Often, after brainstorming in our marketing department, the first thing is to call DrukPoznan to find out about the solutions that will allow us to achieve the desired results. DrukPoznan has an amazing experience that is worth leveraging.

    Anna Luftmann
    Radaway Sp. z o.o.
  • Drukpoznan.pl means the certainty of a timely order fulfillment, in very good quality and under the supervision of a team that knows about printing and shares their experience willingly.

    Adam Szymański
  • Cooperation always at the highest level, always on time and always of the highest quality.

    Andrzej Lewandowski
    ATL Enterprise Ltd
  • We have been working with Drukpoznan.pl for several years now. During this time we have completed many projects and we hope that new challenges lie ahead.

    Sylwia Wiśniewska
    Pracownia Plexi