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Printing on fabrics / outdoor advertising

Printing on fabrics is the future of large format. Light, great color rendering, easy to transport, easy to install. All this means that printing on fabrics is increasingly replacing the solutions that have been used as standard so far. We are aware of this, which is why we invest in technologies for printing on fabrics and its processing.

Universal fabric

A fabric for indoors, which we most often use as a filling of fair frames. Extremely durable and resistant to tearing. It perfectly renders colors during printing, and also quickly regains smoothness after folding, which makes it much easier to transport.

What do we print on fabrics intended for interiors? First of all, fillings for fair frames, but also graphics for exhibition systems or advertising walls.


Blockout fabric

Polyester fabric with a black backside, blocking the light. It will work wherever the background behind the fabric could show through the graphics. It is flexible and tear-resistant, for indoor and outdoor use. During printing, the blockout fabric allows for a deep color saturation.

Where is blockout fabric most commonly used? The fabric with a light-blocking layer is ideal for advertising banners, graphics for aluminum frames and frame filling of fair stands.

Artist fabric

It is a polyester fabric that has an excellent light transmitting and diffusing properties, which is why it is ideal for printing backlit products. On the artist fabric, we print in a special mode of double-layered paint, so that the graphics, when illuminated, have intense and saturated colors.

We use artist fabric mainly as a filling of illuminated internal coffers and backlit elements of exhibition stands.

Canvas fabric

Canvas is a fabric, which we mainly use for prints mounted on wooden frames. These are usually individual projects: photos, reproductions, decorations, but because of its attractive texture, printing on canvas can also be an interesting form of advertising.

We can stretch a print on canvas over a wooden frame for you, but bearing in mind that the maximum width of the print is 140 cm, due to material availability.


Tyvek is an unusual combination of the best features of foil, paper and plastic. From such a mixture we obtain a very durable, waterproof material, resembling a crumpled sheet of paper with its structure. It is 100% biodegradable. It is successfully used as an advertising medium, as a substrate for printing photos, labels, tags as well as bags.

We print on sheet and roll tyvek, giving you a wider choice of print widths and material weights.


A banner is still one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising. The banner material is durable and resistant to changing weather conditions. We print our banners on the front light material – durable and lightweight, which we can finish for you with eyelets or tunnels, in this way facilitating an assembly, or we can strengthen the edges by welding them.

We offer the possibility of mounting large-format banners, also at heights. Contact us and we will prepare an attractive offer for you.


Mesh is a light and very durable material for printing. It is resistant to weather conditions and temperature differences. Its structure with fine holes makes the mesh less prone to tearing in strong gusts of wind, compared to regular banner materials.

What do we most often make of mesh? Outdoor large-format advertisements, placed on building facades or on scaffolding, with the option of assembly and disassembly after the advertising campaign is over.

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