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Exhibition stands

Trade fairs are an element. Full of energy, full of people, full of new solutions. Nothing compares to the buzz that fills the fair stands. It is here that new contacts are built, the existing ones are tightened, and new ideas arise.

The exhibition stand should attract and stand out from the crowd. And here two systems come to the rescue: beMatrix and Easycubes. Using both, we have created many inspiring exhibition stands. We are experienced in designing and building trade fair expositions. We know what will make your booth really crowdy. Contact us – we’ll share our experience with you!

beMatrix system

Get to know the beMatrix system thanks to the rental service! Renting LEDskin frames and screens is an ideal form of checking the system’s capabilities. See for yourself how quickly any construction of a stand, exhibition or event can be created. If you need help with assembly – we will be happy to do it for you.

What does the beMatrix system consist of? Frames are the basis – it is the system’s skeleton which, thanks to the 360​​° solution, can be used as a floor, walls and ceiling. The frames can be filled with various materials: PVC, plexiglass or textiles, with any graphics. In addition, beMatrix system has LEDskin® screens – this is the first such original integration of a LED wall with a modular exhibition system. The frames and the filling become one whole, creating a multimedia content medium.

PVC frame filling

Foamed PVC panels are one of the most common fillings for fair frames. They are assembled easily and quickly in the beMatrix system with Velcro. The boards are always perfectly cut to the size of the frames. Most often, we use 3 mm thick foamed PVC to fill the fair frames, while the 2 mm thickness is ideal for filling semi-circular frames.

Fabric frame filling

Printing on fabrics makes it possible to make a really large wall of the exhibition stand without visible joints. After printing, the fabric is sewn on the edges with a special silicone rubber, which is clipped into the frames during the assembly of the stand.

We use 3 basic types of textiles to fill the frames of the exhibition stands: standard fabrics, blockout fabrics and fabrics for illumination. More information can be found in our offer of printing on fabrics.



Roll up

Roll up is the best solution when you need to take the advertisement with you to a conference or event, also outdoors. The roll up advertising stand consists of a simple-to-build aluminum cassette with a folding frame, in which the graphics are hidden. The cassette with graphics has an additional material bag, which makes it easy to store and carry. We print in standard widths of 85 cm or 100 cm, in the highest quality and on light-impermeable materials.

Roll up is a good form of advertising at conferences, events and fairs, wherever there is not enough space to put an advertising wall or stand.

Advertising wall

Pop Up advertising walls are a great form of company presentation during conferences, fairs or events. The system consists of two elements: the graphics, most often printed on blockout foils, impermeable to light, and the frame to which the graphics are attached. The Pop Up wall is easy to assemble and fold, with the possibility of replacing the graphics only.

By printing directly on the substrate used and thanks to the use of UV technology, we ensure the highest quality and precision of workmanship.

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