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Small format

Small format is often of great importance. Business cards, flyers, posters, catalogs, invitations or folders – these are the materials we use every day and which present your company. That is why it is worth taking care of the high quality of their workmanship, choosing the right paper, type of printing and refinement.

Our digital printing is of the highest quality – we take care of every finishing element: precision in cutting, folding, gluing and packaging. We can make individual pieces, trial prints, as well as large orders for you. Get to know our offer, and if you have not found a product for yourself – contact us – we will be happy to take on a challenge.

Business cards

It is a contact to you, always at hand, and the beginning of building your relationships with customers. That is why it is so important to make business cards a small form of our company presentation. When printing business cards, it is worth taking care of the print and paper quality. We can prepare business cards for you in an economic version, but also in a refined version: with UV varnish, gilding, embossing, with soft skin foil, on multiloft paper or selected decorative papers.

You don’t have your business card template? Never mind – send us your details and logo and we will do the rest.


The most common form of advertising. That’s why we have a wide range of papers for you, from really thin ones to 350 g sheets, but also decorative or ecological papers, if you want to make premium flyers. We print leaflets in standard formats or tailored to your projects, folded in half, in three or accordion. We can apply UV varnish or gilding.

If you don’t have your design, we’ll be happy to help. We have a lot of experience in designing flyers.


We print posters in standard formats or according to your dimensions, even up to a width of 150 cm. From small runs to hundreds or thousands, on low weight economy papers up to 350 g, with a matte or glossy finish. Always with the highest print quality.

Most often we print advertising posters, designs or graphics for exhibitions. We also take care of individual orders.


A catalog, folder or brochure is the most common form of presenting your companies and your offer. Therefore, for catalog printing, in addition to standard chalk papers, we give you the opportunity to choose decorative and recycling papers. To add character, it is worth choosing additional cover refinements: with matte, glossy or soft skin foil, as well as UV varnish or gilding.

We digitally print smaller quantities and offset large volumes. We will help in the preparation of files for printing or in the development of the project.


It is a showcase of your event, conference or private party. It is worth ensuring that the invitations are made qualitatively: on interesting papers, with the use of refinements such as gilding, embossing, UV varnish or soft skin foil. Importantly, we also print invitations with personalization.

We care about the quality of printed invitations, because we know that it is an announcement of an important event for you.



Design your own folder and raise the prestige of your company! We print folders on 350 g paper to ensure maximum stiffness of the product. Folders can be refined by applying matte, shiny or soft skin foil and by adding UV varnish.

We use ready-made templates for 1-crease folders (with a narrow spine) and 2-crease folders (with a wider spine). Send us a message and we will share with you a ready-made mock-up or help you apply your design on our templates.


Letterhead is an element of the visual identification of your company. Used daily for printing correspondence, contracts, company documents. It cannot be missing, which is why we print it in large volumes, in the highest quality, because it is also your showcase.

We usually print letterhead paper on offset papers, but we also offer decorative papers with a density corresponding to office printers.


Company envelopes significantly improve the office work, reducing the time of daily correspondence dispatch. Apart from the correspondence data, we usually place a logo on them, but also advertising elements.

We print envelopes digitally, in standard formats: DL, C6, C5, C4. All our envelopes have an adhesive strip for easy closing of the envelope and a window option.


Wobbler is a truly effective advertisement that grabs the customers’ attention. Placed on a special tape, it protrudes beyond the shop shelves and thus is difficult to overlook. We print wobblers of any shape, on paper, cardboard or plastic films – depending on their purpose.

Wobblers are great as a small advertisement, mainly in stores – their assembly and disassembly is quick, because at the ends of the wobblers there is a double-sided tape that you just need to stick to the shelf or other element in the store.


A notebook is an ideal and practical advertising gadget, which we most often use till the last page. We make notebooks in standard formats: A6, A5, A4 or DL, with or without a cover. The notebooks’ sheets have a density of 80 or 90 g and, depending on the volume, we print them digitally or offset.

What is most often placed on the pages of notebooks? Logo, address details, advertising slogan, advertisement of a selected product or service. However, let’s remember about its functionality and leave a lot of space for notes.

Electrostatic notebooks

Learn the magic of attraction! An electrostatic notebook is a unique pad, consisting of electrostatic sheets, which are extremely pleasant to write on. The electrostatic cards stick to almost any surface – no glue, no marks.

Leave colorful cards with information on the wall, wardrobe, refrigerator, glass or mirror, without worrying about leaving a mark. Several formats to choose from, an individual cover and as many as 100 cards in each notebook are the perfect advertising gadget with exceptional power!

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